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focus: Blockchain Applications
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Ned Scott

Country: United States | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: Steemit

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Diego Gutierrez

Country: Argentina | Category: InvestorEntrepreneurSpeaker

Organization: SystemaDRSK

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Peter Smith

Country: United Kingdom | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: Blockchain

Focus: BitcoinBlockchain Applications

Alexander Tapscott

Country: Canada | Category: InvestorEntrepreneurWriter

Organization: nucoNextBlock

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Preethi Kasireddy

Country: United States | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: TruStorySchellingCoinbaseAndreessen Horowitz

Focus: Blockchain ApplicationsSmart Contracts

Gav Wood

Country: United Kingdom | Category: EntrepreneurProgrammer

Organization: Parity TechnologiesWeb3 FoundationEthereum

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Michael Novogratz

Country: United States | Category: Investor

Organization: Galaxy Investment PartnersFortress Investment Group LLC

Focus: CryptocurrencyBlockchain Applications

Brock Pierce

Country: United States | Category: InvestorSpeaker

Organization: Bitcoin FoundationRestartBlockchain CapitalEOSTether

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Joseph Lubin

Country: United States | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: EthereumConsenSysEthereum FoundationConsenSys Ventures

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Fred Ehrsam

Country: United States | Category: InvestorEntrepreneur

Organization: CoinbasePolychain CapitalGoldman Sachs

Focus: Blockchain Applications

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Elaine Ou
Elaine Ou Writer @ The University of Sydney
Andrew DeSantis
Andrew DeSantis Investor | Entrepreneur | Programmer @ BTC Media | 21 Inc
Benedikt Bünz
Benedikt Bünz Scholar @ Stanford University | Applied Crypto Group
Craig Steven Wright
Craig Steven Wright Programmer | Entrepreneur @ nChain | DeMorgan
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