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Benedikt Bünz

Country: United States | Category: Scholar

Organization: Stanford UniversityApplied Crypto Group

Focus: BitcoinCryptographyGame TheoryAICryptocurrencies

Stephen Pair

Country: United States | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: BitPay

Focus: Cryptography

Joey Zhou

Country: United States | Category: InvestorEntrepreneurWriter

Organization: Cyborgenic

Focus: DecentralizationAnonymityPrivacyCryptographyScalability

Adam Back

Country: United Kingdom | Category: EntrepreneurConsultantScholar

Organization: Blockstream

Focus: Cryptography ProtocolsBitcoinElectronic CashPrivacy Enhanced TechnologyDistributed File SystemsAnonymityDistributed Publishing SystemsP2P Systems

Peter Todd

Country: United States | Category: ProgrammerConsultant

Organization: Self-employed

Focus: Cryptography

Rosario Gennaro

Country: United States | Category: Scholar

Organization: CUNYCenter For Algorithms And Interactive Scientific Software (CAISS)MITCity College Of New YorkIBM T.J.Watson Research Center

Focus: Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs (zkSNARKs)Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)Cryptography

Amit Sahai

Country: United States | Category: Scholar

Organization: UCLACenter For Encrypted Functionalities (an NSF Frontier Center)

Focus: Foundations Of CryptographyCryptographic ProofsSecure Multiparty ComputationNon-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs (zkSNARKs)

Jens Groth

Country: United Kingdom | Category: Scholar

Organization: UCLAcademic Centre Of Excellence In Cyber Security Research (UCL)

Focus: Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs (zkSNARKs)Cryptography

Charles Rackoff

Country: Canada | Category: Scholar

Organization: University Of Toronto

Focus: Computational Complexity TheoryZero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)CryptographySecurity ProtocolsInteractive Proofs

Silvio Micali

Country: ItalyUnited States | Category: Scholar

Organization: MIT CSAIL

Focus: CryptographySecure ProtocolsPseudo-Random Number GenerationProof SystemsDistributed ComputationZero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)Mechanism DesignERC20Smart Contracts

Konstantinos (Kostas) Chalkias

Country: United KingdomUnited States | Category: Programmer

Organization: R3

Focus: Post-quantum SignaturesTransaction Tear-offs And AnonymityDeterministic Key GenerationZero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)SGX Secure EnclavesCryptographyCryptocurrencies

Oded Goldreich

Country: Israel | Category: Scholar

Organization: The Weizmann Institute Of Science

Focus: Probabilistic Proof SystemsPseudorandomnessProperty TestingFoundations Of Cryptography

Shafi Goldwasser

Country: United StatesIsrael | Category: Scholar

Organization: MIT CSAILThe Weizmann Institute Of Science

Focus: CybersecurityCryptographyDistributed ComputingZero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)

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