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Ansel Lindner

Country: United States | Category: EntrepreneurContent Producer

Organization: BlockchainIO


Ran Neu-Ner

Country: IsraelSouth Africa | Category: EntrepreneurInvestorContent Producer

Organization: OnChain CapitalThe Creative Counsel


Oleg Andreev

Country: United States | Category: EntrepreneurProgrammer

Organization: Chain


Peter Smith

Country: United Kingdom | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: Blockchain

Focus: BitcoinBlockchain Applications

Craig Steven Wright

Country: Australia | Category: ProgrammerEntrepreneur

Organization: nChainDeMorgan

Focus: Bitcoin

Nicolas Cary

Country: United KingdomUnited States | Category: InvestorEntrepreneur


Focus: CryptocurrencyBitcoin

Da Hongfei

Country: China | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: OnchainNEO


Spencer Bogart

Country: United States | Category: Investor

Organization: Blockchain Venture CapitalNeedham & Company

Focus: Cryptocurrency

Brock Pierce

Country: United States | Category: InvestorSpeaker

Organization: Bitcoin FoundationRestartBlockchain CapitalEOSTether

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Fred Ehrsam

Country: United States | Category: InvestorEntrepreneur

Organization: CoinbasePolychain CapitalGoldman Sachs

Focus: Blockchain Applications

Derin Cag

Country: United Kingdom | Category: Entrepreneur

Organization: RichtopiaBlockchain AgeMarketing Runners

Focus: Consultation

Jimmy Song

Country: South KoreaUnited States | Category: InvestorEntrepreneur

Organization: Blockchain Capital LLCProgramming BlockchainPaxos

Focus: Fintech

Laura Shin

Country: United States | Category: Journalist

Organization: Unchained Podcast

Focus: Podcast production

Don Tapscott

Country: Canada | Category: WriterSpeakerEntrepreneurConsultant

Organization: The Tapscott Group Inc.Trent UniversityBlockchain Research InstituteINSEAD

Focus: Consultation

Avishay Ovadia

Country: Israel | Category: InvestorEntrepreneur

Organization: Blockchain JLM


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Meltem Demirors
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Benedikt Bünz
Benedikt Bünz Scholar @ Stanford University | Applied Crypto Group
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